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Batch Cook Workshop

{ Don't have the time, money or energy to cook? Are you paleo, gluten free, dairy free, busy mum or dad, have a tight budget, a lazy cook. Whoever you are, this workshop is guaranteed to make your kitchen life a little easier. }

Who knows “Batch cooking” is the way to go? Everyone! Great. Now who actually takes the time do it? No one… I feel ya! I find it hard to know where to start, how much to cook and how to not get sick of my premade meals! That’s why Shan, from My Food Religion, and Sofie, from Heal Your Gut, will show you how to batch cook like a badass while keeping loads of variety in the mix. The meals are guaranteed to be nutrient dense, quick, easy and cost effective. Their goal is to teach us more time and energy effective and cost saving methods!

They’ve got you covered: Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, busy mum/dad, tight budgets, lazy cooks. Whoever you are, they’ve got the goods to make your kitchen life a little easier. So let’s learn to LOVE batch cooking like a badass at their next workshop! 

Batch Cook Like A Badass


July 8th


Nodo Donuts Newstead


We will continue to update workshop dates here so stay tuned!

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