Crispibread for Dessert

{ This is a dessert that you can truly make your own. Check out this amazing topping inspo below for a super tasty, and healthy, after dinner treat! }


ORGRAN Crispibread™ 

Strawberries, Chocolate and Basil on Crispibread 

1 teaspoon gluten free chocolate spread 

1 punnet of fresh strawberries 

basil leaves 

Ricotta and Blueberries with Honey and Thyme on Crispibread 

1 tablespoon ricotta 

handful of blueberries 

pumpkin seeds 

thyme leaves 

drizzle of honey 

Banana, Cinnamon and Chocolate on Crispibread 

1 teaspoon of chocolate spread 

1 fresh banana 

sprinkle of cinnamon 


Apply a layer of spread. 

Add fresh fruit. 

Sprinkle with herbs, spices and / or honey as suggested for each Crispibread. Enjoy! 

Prep time: 10 MINUTES
Cook time: 0 MINUTES
Total time: 10 MINUTES
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