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Julie Masko is passionate about the life-changing impact healthy food has on your life.
You must book now, tickets are normally $480, BUT for this weekend they are $199, thats 60% off!
We only have 4 seats left!
Creating delicious raw food is easy, once you know how! In this class you will learn simple techniques to create delicious, healthy, Italian style food that will save you plenty of time.

Vegetarian food often gets a bad rap for being boring, “you don’t make friends with salad…” But this couldn’t be further from the truth, and I’ll show you how to create simple gourmet recipes that will knock your socks off.

You will learn a variety of delicious recipes, which include:
– RAW PIZZA. Fresh roma tomatoes, basil, mushrooms, egg plant, capsicum, olives, creamy cashew sauce. On a base made of almonds, flaxseed and fresh herbs.
– RAW LASAGNA. A rich tomato and oregano sauce, layered over vegan “meat” balls, zucchini pasta layers and topped with creamy beschamel sauce.
– RAW MUSHROOM CARBANORA. Fresh zucchini pasta covered in a rich, creamy, white sauce made from cashews, thyme and nutritional yeast. Served with caramalised red onion and fresh mushrooms marinated in a secret sauce. wink emoticon
– RAW PUTTANESCA. Zucchini linguini saturated in a rich red sauce of olives, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, fresh herbs, lemon and garlic.
– RAW SPAGHETTI WITH BASIL PESTO. A pungent sauce of basil, rocket, pine nuts, garlic and nutritional yeast, draped over raw zucchini pasta.
– RAW TIRAMISU. Capture the essence of Italy with a desert made with cashew cream, raw sponge cake, espresso coffee, topped with a fine layer of raw dark chocolate.

I will show you ALL the basics, and the tricks of the trade that will have you whipping up meals that are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and raw in absolutely no time.
To get your fridge, pantry and kitchen stocked like a raw food ninja, I will also share the fundamentals of soaking, sprouting and fermenting. This is paramount to creating phenomenal raw food dishes on the fly!

I am also going to add a bonus 2 hours free to take you shopping at the markets and get your fridge stacked with the right knowledge. When you have the right foundation, you have the know-how to choose the right food.
This masterclass will be held over 2 days so you get to cover practically everything you will need to know about living the raw lifestyle with comfort and ease.
You must book now, tickets are normally $480, BUT for this weekend they are $199, thats a saving of $281!
We only have 4 seats left!

I would love to hear from you sooner rather then later, there are only 4 seats left. Call to book your seat now on 0422 053141.

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