Gluten Free Living Online Course



4-Week Course for Coeliacs, Gluten Intolerant, Family and Friends.

Whether you were recently diagnosed or have been gluten free for many years, this course will improve your gluten free life!


Australia’s first ever 4-week course for how to navigate the world of gluten free

  • Expand your Knowledge about Coeliac Disease and Gluten Free Living
  • 90 Minute Weekly Webinars
  • Access to All Weekly Recordings
  • Private yum. Village Membership
  • Free Downloadables
  • Valuable Resources
  • Community Support
  • Regularly Updated Tips, Tricks, News, Science and Hot Spots

Whether you are coeliac, gluten intolerant, have a wheat allergy or are supporting family, friends, coworkers or clients with these conditions, this course is for you. 

Owner of yum. Gluten Free, Olivia Battye, will support you through the Gluten Free Living Online Course weekly webinars:

  • Diagnosed coeliac since 2010
  • Sick for a decade prior
  • Degree in Public Health with a focus in Nutrition
  • Minor in Business Administration
  • World-traveller
  • Owner of yum. Gluten Free

WEEK 1, June 7:

  • Coeliac disease basics including my story, the facts, getting tested and diagnosed, what to eat and where to from here.
  • Gluten free labelling including what to look for, hidden gluten, gluten myths, personal and beauty care products, medications and supplements.

WEEK 2 , June 14:

  • Gluten free pantry items, the pantry clean out, navigating the grocery store, separating gluten free from non-gluten free, designated appliances and spreads.
  • Gluten free family and friends. Encouraging family members to get tested due to genetic risk factors. How to have a safe dinner in someone else’s home, including festive holidays.

WEEK 3 , June 21:

  • Dining out with coeliac disease, how to speak to staff, what to look out for, hidden gluten, safe alcohol and using digestive enzymes.
  • Travelling gluten free, planning your trip, recommended apps, Coeliac Disease Cards and recovering from getting glutened.

WEEK 4 , June 28:

  • The emotional and psychological effects of dietary restrictions.
  • Non-coeliac gluten intolerance and food intolerances.
  • Long-term gut healing and management.

BONUS!!! In addition to everything covered in the 4-week course, you will receive FREE ACCESS to resources and downloadables in our private yum. Gluten Free Village throughout the whole month! The recordings from each week will also be made available here so you can go back and review each lesson in your own time.

Our mission is for each of you to be wellness advocates for yourselves and those around you for a long, happy and healthy life.

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